Satin Ribbon Corset – Part 4

This is the final blog entry regarding the construction of this particular black satin ribbon corset.  It covers how to finish the grommet panel at the back of the corset.


Fold and stitch down the seam allowance on the loose side of the grommet panel.  Be sure to fold it up with the corset facing up.

Cut strips of ribbon a little longer than the panel.  Stitch one side of the ribbon to the seam allowance, just inside the edge of the panel.

Fold the ribbon around the edge of the panel.  The bulk of the ribbon should be over what will be the outside of the panel.  Edge stitch it to the coutil, holding the ribbon tight around the edge.

Stitch down the loose side of the ribbon, holding it flat to the coutil.

Take the next strip of ribbon and stitch it down so it just barely overlaps the first ribbon.  For this corset I only needed two strips of ribbon.  If yours requires more, stitch down the loose edge and then ad another ribbon in the same manner.  These ribbons are to cover the coutil, so the exact configuration is not critical unless you decide it should be for your corset.

When sewing down the last open side, I folded it under and edge stitched it to match the edge of the coutil panel.

Both strips of ribbon are now secured, covering the coutil.

Turning the corset back to right-side-up, I folded the grommet panel in half and edge stitched it closed.

Next I stitched the boning channel on the very outside of the panel.

I left enough room for the grommets, and then stitched two more boning channels, which is all there was room for.

After the boning channels were sewn, I inserted the boning and stitched it in place.

To edge the back panels, I followed the same proceedure as on the busk panels.  I trimmed everything down, cut a small strip of ribbon, and stitched it in place on the outside of the corset.

I folded over the leading edge of the ribbon…

… and tacked it in place.

That way I did not need to worry about the leading edge coming loose while I folded over the following edge and stitched it in place.

After finishing the back panel, all that was left was grommeting and the double-busk.

This is what the corset looked like after all the finishing details.  Related tutorials are How to Grommet By Hand and How to Make a Double-Busk.

Tight Lacing Black Satin Ribbon Corset - Front View, by Sidney Eileen

Tight Lacing Black Satin Ribbon Corset – Front View

Additional views of this corset may be found in my corset gallery at Black Satin Ribbon Corset, Tight-Lacing.


Thank you for reading. ^_^

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