Fully Boned Stays, and General Update

Sorry updates have been infrequent the last few weeks. I’m now a month into the school semester and starting to get back into the swing of college. I’ve also been having various glitches with the back end of my web site that has made updating a rather tedious endeavor. Thankfully, it seems to be behaving itself this evening. ;)

In other projects, I am starting work on the wedding dress (finally). If my web site continues to behave itself I should start posting in-progress photos tomorrow, with updates every day or two until it’s finished.

I am going to make some flossing diagrams and post a short guide on corset flossing in the next three weeks or so. Once the wedding dress is off in the mail I will also be finishing a set of tutorials on conical corset drafting and the creation of basic Renaissance re-enactment stays. I am planning to teach a workshop on drafting and making costuming Renaissance stays in November or December. More details on that will be posted once the dates are set.

Last weekend I finished another modern Renaissance corset. This one is fully boned with 1/4″ spring steel.

Fully Boned Basic Renaissance Stays, by Sidney Eileen

Fully Boned Basic Renaissance Stays  

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