Renaissance Stays and Partlet

I finished these stays for myself last November, and made the partlet the day before taking the photos.  The bloomers are plain cotton bloomers I made years ago.


The Stays:

Fabric: Two layers of hemp canvas.
Boning: Partially boned, with 1/2″ flat spring steel bones fanned for the front panel and 2 1/4″ flat spring steel bones per tab
Piecing: Three panels total – two front panels and one back panel
Edging: Organic cotton ribbon edging.

The piecing of this pattern is a modern re-enactment design, created to give the proper fashion silhouette for the minimum amount of work. The shape of the body is modeled after Dorothea Sabine von Neuburg’s pair of bodies, minus the shoulder straps. The front-most tab placement is modeled after the pair of Effigy bodies.

Linen Partlet and Cotton Bloomers, by Sidney Eileen

Linen Partlet and Cotton Bloomers – Front View with Stays

Linen Partlet, by Sidney Eileen

Linen Partlet – Quarterfront View with Stays



The Partlet:

The partlet is made from lightweight linen, raglan style, with gussets at the armpits, cuffs and collar, and french seams throughout.  There are no raw fabric edges or serged seams.

Linen Partlet, by Sidney Eileen

Linen Partlet – Collar Open

Linen Partlet, by Sidney Eileen

Linen Partlet – Cuff Detail


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