Yesterday and today I made two new tulle crinolines, sewn into wide elastic waistbands for maximum comfort and versatility.   The fullness is determined by the number of tiers of gathered tulle.  The lighter weight crinoline has two tiers of tulle and is unlined.  The heavier crinoline has five tiers of tulle and is lined with cotton muslin.  These crinolines work perfectly for steampunk, gothic, lolita, and any other costume that can benefit from a fluffier skirt.

If you are interested in commissioning one, I am asking $20 per tier, plus $10 if it is lined.  I currently can only get the elastic in black or white, but I can get the tulle in just about any color of the rainbow.

Five-Tier Lined Crinoline, by Sidney Eileen

Five-Tier Lined CrinolineThis is a modern crinoline made from five tiers of gathered tulle. Each tier has two layers of tulle. It is lined with muslin, and sewn onto a wide elastic waistband.

Two-Tier Unlined Crinoline, by Sidney Eileen

Two-Tier Unlined CrinolineThis is a modern crinoline made from two tiers of tulle netting. It is unlined, and sewn into a wide elastic waistband.

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