Fancy Coutil Tight-Lace Underbust – WIP

On a general note, I am still without my own operational computer, and at this point I’m not sure how long it is going to take to amend that problem.  I have borrowed a friend’s computer for this entire night, and am madly catching up on general posts and trying to take care of other technical issues.  Updates will continue to be sporadic until I get my own computer again, which is an expense I truly cannot afford.


This is a tight-lacing underbust corset made from fancy import coutil, in a diamond brocade.  It is mostly together.  Tomorrow I will be picking up some matching satin ribbon.  After that I just need to edge it and grommet it, and then it’s done.  Next time I update my web site I will be posting finished photos.

Work-In-Progress #1

The front is center above.  The back (lacing panel) is center below.  It will be front-lacing when finished, rather than a busk closure.

Work-In-Progress #2 (state as of this posting)

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