Regency Corset – Finished

The corded Regency corset is finished, including the fan lacing.  The chemise is also finished, and the bodiced petticoat is very close to being finished.  As soon as all the pieces are ready, I’ll take some nice photos of everything.  Then it will be packed and sent off to the customer.

Regency Period Extant Fan Lacing

Extant Regency period fan lacing, from

The fan lacing is based on two reference photos the customer sent me showing a period example of fan lacing.  In the photo it appears that the lacing is sewn directly into the fabric used to pull the lacing tight.  I opted to change this detail so the lacing could be adjusted or changed out if needed, without having to completely re-make the tie.  I am including the photos here for educational purposes, so you fine folks can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Extant Regency period fan lacing, from

Extant Regency period fan lacing, from


Fan Lacing Construction - 1

Each tie consists of two layers of cotton drill fabric, one short length of cotton taffeta ribbon, and one longer length of silk satin ribbon


Fan Lacing Construction - 2

The cotton ribbon is pinned into the wider end of the fabric, right sides together.


Fan Lacing Construction - 3

I used a 1/2″ seam, and when I got to the narrow end, I sandwiched in the silk satin ribbon.


Fan Lacing Construction - 4

I left a large hole along one side of each tie so they could be turned.  You may trim your fabric if desired.  I did not trim.


Fan Lacing Construction - 5

The ribbons make it fairly easy to turn the ties.  I then stitched the holes closed by hand using a hidden running stitch.


Corded Regency Corset - Front Flat, by Sidney Eileen

Corded Regency Corset – Front Flat

This is what the corset looks like laid out flat, after the lacing has all be put onto the corset.

Corded Regency Corset - Back Flat, by Sidney Eileen

Corded Regency Corset – Back Flat

The lacing ribbon has not been pre-shrunk for the washing machine, and I will want to adjust the lengths once I lace it on something and can see exactly where the ribbons are too long or too short.  Thus, I left quite a bit of extra length when it tied off each section of ribbon, creating the extra muddle of loose ribbon on the left of the photo.  Each ribbon length ties four grommets (two rows of grommet), except for the very bottom grommets, which are alone because I have an odd number of grommets on each side of the corset.


The Other Undergarments

I apologize for not taking detailed photos of the construction, but I am very short on time at the moment.  Hopefully I will make another Regency set at a later date and be able to give all the details.

Regency Chemise - Flat

The chemise is finished.    It’s a fairly standard A-frame chemise typical of the Georgian period.  Since the customer is busty, the front was cut wider than the back, so when the shoulders are matched up it gives the illusion of a trapezoidal shape to the front.  The sleeves are wide enough to be comfortable for a more ample figure as well.  The gussets are square.  All internal seams are french seam construction.  The neckline is very narrow, so I finished it by hand using a hidden running stitch on the inside.  The drawstring is silk taffeta ribbon.


Bodiced Petticoat - WIP1

The bodiced petticoat is almost finished.  The bodice is two layers of muslin, and will lace closed at the sides.  I was able to find text reference to drop-front bodiced petticoat, and one example of a drop-front Regency dress, but I had no luck finding any photos of similar extant petticoats.  So, I just made my best guess based on what I could find.

The skirt of the petticoat is five panels with a slight flare to each.  Two of the panels are in the front, creating less bulk and providing a slimming silhouette.  Three panels are in the back, with the most gathering toward the center back.  This will give more leg room and help to keep the gown worn over it from sinking into the small of the back.

The two remaining details are eyelets on the sides of the bodice to lace through, and lace trim along the bottom hem.



Project: Regency Corset


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