Peach Linen Front-Lace Kirtle – Quarterback

Peach Linen Front-Lace Kirtle - Quarterback by Sidney Eileen

Peach Linen Front-Lace Kirtle – Quarterback

Attribution:  14th Century Front-Lace Kirtle
Fabric:  100% linen, light weight
Construction:  French seams where assembled on a sewing machine
Hand-worked seams along neck, front opening, inside sleeve, and hem
Hand-worked eyelets

The dress has deep medieval armholes, to provide a fitted armhole look while still allowing full freedom of movement. I hand-stitched the hem to ankle height, taking up a lot of fabric, so it wouldn’t get caught in the wheels of my walker or under my cane. I am planning to let the hem out when I no longer need walking assist at events.

I also hand-edged the veil, and am wearing a hairpiece and jewelry made by a friend. The bow fibula pinned to the dress on my left breast is a piece I created, hand-hammering copper wire into the fibula and several dress pins.

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