Aborting the Opus Anglicanum Stitch-Along

Sooo… I have decided to abort the Opus Anglicanum stitch-along.  I’ll start it over again later, probably in the middle of August. I’ve made a lot of mistakes since the start, but I was trying to see it through. However, at this point the mistakes are too glaring and grievous, and I hate how it’s turning out too much to finish the piece, or be willing to showcase this as an example of what to do. That would be flat out irresponsible of me. I had hoped that filling in around the eyes would improve the piece, but instead it just made the errors more glaring. The worst errors are with the eyes, which are too small, the wrong shape, different sizes, akilter, and look like they are rolling up into her head like she’s dying or passing out. Most of the other errors (of which there are many) would not have stopped the stitch-along, but I am glad for the opportunity to correct them.

Aborting the Opus Anglicanum Stitch-Along, because OMG, did I screw the pooch on the eyes.

After deciding to abort the piece I finished out the peach thread I was working on, so you can see some more texturing.  There are a lot of mistakes with the texturing as well.  There is the line across the bridge of the nose, some funkiness on the upper lip, and lots of places where you get a horizontal striping appearance because I did not consistently stagger the stitches (like on the neck and side of the forehead), and some ridging that occurred when I used too long of stitches next to very short stitches.  I have also been advised to split my floss so the texture on the face will be subtler, and I do believe that will help a lot with many of the textural problems this piece has.

I will be revising my template image so the eye is significantly larger, and post another blog entry for that when I have uploaded it.


Project: Opus Anglicanum Stitch-Along


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