Opus Anglicanum Stitch-Along Update

At mid-October, it is significantly later than the mid-August restart date I had originally hoped for, so I wanted to let everyone know that I have not forgotten, and I am still intending to restart the opus anglicanum stitch-along.

The biggest reason for the delay is that I have been doing significantly worse health-wise in the past two months than I was expecting and I frankly haven’t had it in me to work on a structured, weekly project with a blogging commitment.  The happy reason for the delay is that a friend provided me with more research material, which I want to review so I can provide you more accurate and detailed information.  Another reason for delay is that right now the 2015 medieval embroidery stitchalong is happening over at opusanglicanum.wordpress.com, and if you enjoy stitch-alongs and medieval style embroidery it is well worth joining in on.


Project: Opus Anglicanum Stitch-Along

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