Steamy Burlesque Epic Bustle

Steamy Burlesque Epic Bustle, by Sidney Eileen

Steamy Burlesque Epic Bustle

Sorry about the poor quality of the image. It was the best image we took of the bustle before Morgan took it home with her.

The model is a dear friend, Morgan. She is wearing a custom corset I made in one week after realizing that the first one I made for her was constructed from inaccurate measurements. It is made from two layers of corset coutil, boned with spring steel flats, and has a cover of dupioni silk. The gores are quilted, and the boning is flossed. The bust is also padded, to give her extra lift and fullness.

The skirt is made from matching dupioni silk, and ties on so it can be adjusted for fit with or without a corset.

The bustle had a foundation of pillow-style bustle pads, so a pocket could be included. She was literally pulling things out of her ass throughout the evening. The first fabric layer is more dupioni silk. Over that was a ruffly satin fabric in peacock blue. Wrapped around and over that are various layers of tulle in beige and peacock. All in all, the goal was the make her bustle as epicly large as possible.

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