How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset, by Sidney Eileen

Attach the Busk

For full details on how to prepare the busk panel, see my tutorial How to Insert a Busk.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 25, by Sidney Eileen

This photo shows the hook side of the busk inserted and the panel stitched down.

I wish I had made the panel wide enough for an adjacent 1/4″ flat, but I did not.  I don’t think anything horrible will happen as a result, but it would make for a sturdier garment.  Next time I will make this panel wider.

Next I attached the double-busk because I didn’t leave myself much room for attachment.  I made this decision despite the potential problems with edging after.

This shows an alternate method of attaching the double-busk when compared to my tutorial on the subject Ideally, I strongly recommend attaching a double-busk as a final detail using the instructions in that dedicated tutorial, because the bulk can interfere with sewing other seams.  However, in some special circumstances, this method may be helpful.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 26, by Sidney Eileen

I did not want the extra edge of fabric from the backing bone to show through the corset, so I made the pouch only 3/4″ wide and sewed it to the back of the busk panel before inserting the peg side of the busk.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 27, by Sidney Eileen

Once the double-busk was in place, I attached the peg side of the busk like normal.


4 thoughts on “How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset

  1. Hi Sydney! Love your tutorials. Would you happen to still have the pattern for this? I’m teaching myself to make corsets (almost done with the first!) and would love this for the summer.

  2. Hi Sidney!

    When I work with materials that refuse to hold chalk marks or anything like that, I always have a roll of blank adhesive paper labels. You can put the sticker on the panel, and mark with a pen or pencil over the label (unless the fabric won’t hold the adhesive as well…).

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial. I will be trying to do one of these Mesh Corsets soon!


    • I never thought to use adhesive labels! That’s a wonderful idea, and it would probably work fantastic for this. Thank you very much for sharing the idea, and I hope you’ll share the fruits of your labor when it’s finished. I’d love to see what you make. :)

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