Resolution to Sketch

The silence on this blog has been extremely protracted due to the Move That Will Not End.  For the past few months I have been spending my time in three different locations, with most of my belongings inaccessible.  I’ve been slowly working on fixing up a small cottage on a friend’s property, where I will eventually be able to set up house, but given my health problems and the volume of repairs needed, it has been extremely slow.  Still, I am very happy that I am capable of doing such work at any pace, which would not have been possible even a year ago.

So many months with no art is not emotionally good for me, so I have purchased a tiny sketchbook and small graphite pencil tin that will both fit in my purse.  I may not have the left-over energy or easily portable/available supplies for full-scale finished art pieces, but I’m also woefully out of practice, so resolving to sketch just about every day seems like the best solution at the moment.  I had originally intended to do a sketch every day, but I’ve never been the sort of artist to fill sketchbooks, so that’s honestly not a reasonable expectation for me to have for myself.  I just don’t find it interesting enough.  If I manage better than every other day, I think I’ll be happy with myself, and I’ll be able to get back into practice with drawing so I can start making polished art pieces again.

Tiny Sketchbook: Graphite Tree

Tiny Sketchbook: Graphite Tree

This is the first sketch in my sketchbook, which I created on this past Friday.  It’s not even remotely as refined as my past work, but it is just a sketch, which is something I have to keep telling myself.  Sketchy sketchy.

The plan is to get out the sketchbook and do another tonight.  Saturday was something else entirely (for another post – Henna tattoos!), and Sunday I was too beat from Saturday to accomplish anything.

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