I am an artist, seamstress, and craftswoman, specializing in realistic artwork, representational minimalism, Celtic knotwork, corsetry, and costuming. I have a passion for unique and custom creations, a passion for learning, and a passion for passing on what I learn.  In this section of my site you will find the portfolios of my sewn garments, corsetry, costuming, and sewing-related tutorials and articles.

Sewing Portfolios


Here you will find portfolio pages featuring corsets I have made, historic and modern.

Historic Costumes

These costumes are based on historic garments, created predominantly for reenactment.

Modern and Fantasy Garments

Many of these garments have their inspirational roots in historic garments, but are entirely modern creations. Most are for steampunk, cosplay, or special events.


Tutorials and Articles – Corsetry

Informative Corsetry Articles

Corset Making Tutorials - Start to Finish

Corset Making Tutorials - Individual Tasks

Corset Detailing Tutorials

Corset Alteration Tutorials

Corset Pattern Drafting Tutorials


Tutorials and Articles – Costuming

Costume Making Tutorials

Costume Pattern Drafting Tutorials


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