Portfolios – Modern and Fantasy Garments

As an historical reenactor and steampunk enthusiast, I use my knowledge of historic garments, tailoring, and research to create whatever I envision. Every item is uniquely designed and drafted, so anything is possible, from entirely new modern garments to fashions based closely or loosely on historic designs.  Examples of my past work are displayed in this gallery.

Elegant Punk Rock Wedding Dress

This gown was designed for an elegant punk rock wedding.

Japanese Inspired Costumes

Costuming for steampunk and cosplay that is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing and designs.

Steampunk Outfits

Photos of assorted steampunk outfits I have made or put together.

Men's Garments

These men's clothing and costume items are each unique, created from a combination of historic pattern and modern inspiration.

Colorful Violin Vest

This is a uniquely designed reversible steampunk vest, created for Nathaniel Johnstone.

Steampunk Accessories

This gallery includes various small clothing items and accessories for steampunk costuming.


This section includes assorted crinolines for use under costuming of all different kinds.

Gothic Lolita

Costuming for the well-dressed Gothic Lolita.

Religious and Occult

My clothing for religious and occult ceremony is based on a mixture of modern pagan convention and historic garments like medieval robes and pre-Christian peplos.


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