Sidney EileenI am a self-taught artist, seamstress, writer, and teacher, specializing in realistic artwork, minimalist artwork, Celtic knotwork, calligraphy, corsetry, costuming, and embroidery. I have a passion for unique and custom creations, a passion for learning, and a passion for passing on what I learn.

In the realm of fine art I am continually seeking to improve and advance my skills and repertoire of media. I began as a youth with realism in graphite and colored pencil in one hand, while in the other I worked in pen and marker to create detailed Celtic knot designs. As an adult I was re-invigorated by working in oil paint, with dip pens, ink wash, and watercolor. Animals are a favorite subject for both past and future projects. Subjects in oil and ink also include steampunk, still life, landscape, fantasy, and the esoteric.  Calligraphy was an interest in my youth, and a skill I have been re-exploring.

My animal art evolved out of a deep desire to convey far more than just a pretty drawing of an animal. Through deep contrasts in lighting, dramatic eyes, intense detail, void space, and partially-hidden forms, I seek to give the viewer pause, to stop and think, and gain a glimpse into the spirit or soul of the subject. They are more than just pretty drawings, they are windows into beings other than ourselves, our brothers and sisters on this Earth.

Representational minimalist art, for me, should convey a complete image, with movement and life, in the fewest strokes possible. Line width variation, sweeping strokes, and half-described figures combine in the mind to show the viewer something more than what is actually placed on paper or canvas.

My steampunk art is my own interpretation of creating new from old inspirations. Through traditional media of oil paint and ink with wash or watercolor, I give the impression of sweeping fantasy science fiction Victoriana. Pen nibs dipped in ink and drawn in sepia tones set the stage for drawings reminiscent of a hand-illustrated journal. Detailed oil paintings nod to days when photographs and impressionism were the height of fashion, and realism appealed to old-fashioned sensibilities.

Through Celtic design styles, I capture the essence of each animal, depicting the graceful beauty of a hummingbird, the strength of a bull, or the spirit of a stallion. The styles of the designs are inspired equally by medieval illuminated manuscripts, Bronze-Age archaeological finds, and the world around me.

I have also devoted a great deal of time to sewing and costuming, especially bespoke corsetry, garb for historic re-enactment, and steampunk costuming.  In some cases I seek as much historic accuracy as possible (including stitching a garment entirely by hand), while in other cases fantasy and modern adaptation figure heavily or are the focus of the piece.  No matter the aesthetic goal, I always strive for quality and durability, and a fit and aesthetic that immediately goes beyond what can be found in typical modern clothing.  I want my clothing items to be a perfect marriage of form and function.

For me, teaching is as important as creating.  I find great joy and satisfaction in helping other people along creative paths, be they beginners who are just realizing a subject is of interest, or another adept with whom I can exchange knowledge and techniques.  There really is no other joy quite like geeking out on a subject most people couldn’t care less about!  My writings, this web site, and my teaching are all very interconnected, feeding into one another so that the effort I put forth creating materials can be used in different formats to reach as many people as possible.  After all, what good does it do to create educational materials if those materials never reach those who hunger to use them?