Purchased Art Policy

1. Copyright ownership

As the creator of the artwork, I retain copyright for 70 years beyond my life. Unless specifically arranged in writing, the purchaser or owner may not exhibit for pay, publish, license, reproduce or create derivative versions the work of art.


2. Permitted usage

Artwork may be exhibited in any public or private space where it is protected from damage, such as a private residence, office, or other private or business space sheltered from weather.

Low resolution digital images of the artwork, such as the ones displayed on my web site, http://sidneyeileen.com, may be re-posted online to blogs, e-zines, and non-profit educational web sites as long as they are not modified in any way and provide a link back to http://sidneyeileen.com along with written credit to me, Sidney Eileen, as creator of the artwork. If requested, images must be removed from any online location. Images from my web site may also be printed for review or non-profit educational purposes, as long as the images are not modified and are accompanied by artist credit to Sidney Eileen and my web address http://sidneyeileen.com.

Photographs taken of the artwork when it is on exhibition or in a private collection may only be posted online if the artwork image is no larger than 600pixels by 600pixels, and the posting includes artist credit to Sidney Eileen along with a link to http://sidneyeileen.com.

Advance written permission is required to display low resolution images of the artwork online at locations other than blogs, e-zines, and non-profit educational web sites, or to publish high resolution photos of the artwork in print.

Advance written permission is required if the artwork is used as a logo or to promote any individual, business, or non-profit entity.


3. Prohibited usage

Artwork and any images of the artwork may never be exhibited in any place or manner which is associated with or in any way promotes hate or intolerance.


4. Warranties

All artwork is created by Sidney Eileen, from archival materials. With proper care all artwork should last for generations.

Should damage appear on artwork which has been properly cared for, I will personally make any necessary repairs, or supervise the repairs to be done by a third party of which I approve.


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