Artisan Works

I am a self-taught artist, seamstress, and craftswoman, specializing in realistic artwork, minimalist artwork, Celtic knotwork, corsetry, and costuming. I have a passion for unique and custom creations, a passion for learning, and a passion for passing on what I learn.

In this section you will find my portfolios, articles, and tutorials relating to artisan works, my artworks created with crafty and fibrous materials, such as embroidery, weaving, and metalwork.



Portfolios - Embroidery & Applique

My embroidery is created using a variety of fibers, and in a variety of styles, mostly historical. The majority of it adorns functional items or clothing.


Articles and Tutorials – Embroidery

Basics of Elizabethan Freehand Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork embroidery is monochromatic embroidery in both counted and freehand forms, but this article specifically focuses on the styles and basic techniques of freehand blackwork embroidery in the Elizabethan and Tudor eras in England.

Freehand Blackwork Embroidery Patterns

This page contains freehand blackwork embroidery patterns that I have transcribed from extant pieces, or created in the style of extant pieces and portraits. They are all appropriate for 16th and early 17th century style freehand blackwork embroidery, especially English style.

Elizabethan Blackwork Forehead Cloth

Research, process, and lessons learned for my English style Elizabethan blackwork embroidery forehead cloth.

Basics of Opus Anglicanum Embroidery

This tutorial outlines the stylistic details that make opus anglicanum embroidery unique, and provides instructions in the basics of how to emulate the style in your own embroidery.

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