Portfolios – Fine Art

I specialize in realistic, fine art treasures, portraits, wildlife art, and fantasy art, Celtic knotwork, and abstract minimalist art.  My primary mediums include colored pencil, ink, and oil paint.  Examples of my past work are displayed in these galleries.

Realistic Animal Art Portfolio

My animal art evolved out of a deep desire to convey far more than just a pretty drawing of an animal. I seek to give the viewer pause, to stop and think, and gain a glimpse into the spirit or soul of the subject.

SCA Regalia

These are regalia pieces I have made for the SCA, members of the SCA, or other medieval reenactors, created using fine art media like acrylic paint, oil paint, or silk paint. Most of them are paintings, intended to be displayed or used in some way as regalia for medieval reenactment.

Minimalist and Abstract Art Portfolio

My goal in creating minimalist art is to convey a complete image, with movement and life, in the fewest strokes possible.

Celtic Knotwork Portfolio

My Celtic knotwork is based primarily on the Irish illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages and archaeological finds from the middle ages through the bronze age. They are all unique, original designs.

Landscape and Skyscape Paintings Portfolio

This is a collection of my landscape and skyscape works.

Still Life Paintings Portfolio

My still life works in oil paint and ink.

Miniature Paintings Portfolio

These are miniature, delicately detailed works of art. They usually adorn wearable items like pendants, or functional objects.

Steampunk Art Portfolio

My steampunk art is my own interpretation of creating new from old inspirations.

Technical Illustrations Portfolio

This gallery contains examples of my technical illustrations of archaeological artifacts. My goal in creating technical illustrations is to illustrate details of the artifacts which are difficult to capture with a photograph, such as emphasizing decorative details and surface texture, or visually describing the contours of the objects.

3 thoughts on “Portfolios – Fine Art

  1. Hi Sidney I cannot say in words so many things that could describe your art ,
    I have never been affected by the evocative emotional response that after 50 years in the art world from the age of 5 I have never been so drawn to art like your the minimalistic approach you have been able to portray so much feeling with so little…….moves of the hand, the black background is fantastic ….Wow
    thank you for sharing you wonderful art

    • Thank you for the kind words. It always makes me happy to know that people love and appreciate my art, and I hope you will follow along as I work towards a successful career as an artist.

      All the Best,

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