Drab Green Silk Overbust Corset

This is a plus-sized Victorian overbust corset I made for a friend.  It has drab green dupioni silk cover material, flossing, lacing panel, and split metal busk.  In 2014 the busk ended up broken, so I decided to repair the corset by creating an entirely different closure.  I cut off the busk area and bound the front edges.  Then I riveted a copper plate from the plumbing department of the hardware store to a leather panel, edged it with brass crimps, and riveted all of it to one side of the corset.  I riveted picture frame hangers, offset, to the leather and to the other side of the corset, so I could use parachute cord to close the front of the corset.  It is backed with a hidden boned pocket for extra stability, since the copper plate is rather soft.

Core: Two layers of corset coutil
Cover: Drab green dupioni silk
Flossing: Beige buttonhole thread
Edging: Matching dupioni silk bias tape
Boning: 1/4″ flat spring steel and spiral bones
Piecing: 6 panels per side
Busk (original): 14″ metal straight double busk
Busk (repaired): leather, rivets, copper plate, picture hangers, parachute cord, backed with hidden boning for added stability


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