Non-Tabbed Black Satin Conical Corset

This is a bespoke non-tabbed conical corset with black satin cover material.

Fabric: Two core layers of hemp/linen canvas, black satin cover, and black cotton broadcloth lining
Boning: 1/2″ flat spring steel bones fanned for the front panel and 1/4″ flat spring steel bones spaced 1″ apart along the sides
Core Piecing: Three panels total – one front panel, and two back panels
Cover Piecing: One continuous panel
Edging: Black double-face satin ribbon

The core layers were constructed using three panels for strength. The cover was cut from one continuous piece of material and added after the core had been boned. This way the cover is free of seam lines and boning channel stitching.

Non-Tabbed Black Satin Conical Corset - All Views, by Sidney Eileen

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