Hand Sewing Tutorials

Medieval Hand Stitching - Basic Stitches (Start Here)

This first section on basic stitches describes what supplies you will need, how to start and end your thread, and the basic stitches upon which most other stitches are based.

How to Hand Sew Hems and Edges

This tutorial illustrates several basic and common ways how to hand sew hems and edges on a medieval garment.

How to Hand Sew Seams

This tutorial illustrates several common ways how to hand sew seams on a medieval garment, both by assembling and then finishing the seam allowance, or by finishing the garment pieces before assembling.

How to Hand Sew Eyelets

This tutorial illustrates two methods of sewing eyelets found on extant medieval garments, and discusses variations for corsets and hiding metal grommets.

How to Hand Sew Buttonholes

This tutorial describes how to hand sew buttonholes, especially for medieval reenactment.

How to Make Fabric Buttons

This tutorial describes how to make fabric buttons for medieval garb, starting from a square piece of fabric.

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