Art – On the Northern Coast

Title: On the Northern Coast, Artist: Sidney Eileen

On the Northern Coast
12″x16″ oil paint on Gessobord

This painting is a commissioned piece, cover art for the novel Mermaid Drowning.


Title: On the Northern Coast
Size: 12″x16″
Medium: Oil paint on gessobord
Sittings: 5
Completion Date: 1 November, 2012


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Project: Mermaid Drowning


Painting Updates – 23 October 2012

On the evening of Tuesday, the 23rd of October, 2012, I did a bit more work on two oil paintings.

Mermaid Drowning Cover - WIP 9

Mermaid Drowning Cover – WIP 912″x16″ oil paint on Gessobord

For this layer I added more detail to the clouds, and the surf. I also removed the masking tape. I think I may have put too much yellow into the sea foam, so I’ll likely be adding just a bit more paint there on the next sitting. Otherwise, it’s just the female figure.

Project: Mermaid Drowning Cover


Samhain Candles - WIP 5

Samhain Candles – WIP 511″x14″ oil paint on canvas board

I painted the shadow areas of the objects with an opaque black paint, and added lighting detail. There is also another layer of paint on the top of the candle and the flame, and some slight highlighting on the pumpkins.

 Project: Samhain Candles


Painting Update – 16 October 2012

On Tuesday, the 16th of October 2012, I worked on one painting, the cover art for Mermaid Drowning.

Mermaid Drowning Cover Art - WIP 8

Mermaid Drowning Cover Art – WIP 8The photo is tinted slightly blue this time…

12″x16″ oil on gessoboard

At least two more layers to go. It needs more detail in the clouds, and a LOT more detail in the ocean. Then it’s on to the human subject.


Project: Mermaid Drowning Cover


Painting Updates – 8 October 2012

On the evening of October 8, 2012 I worked on two oil paintings.  I added another layer to the book cover for Mermaid Drowning, and I resumed work on the Samhain Candles still life.  I hope to have both paintings finished before the end of the month.


Mermaid Drowning - WIP 7

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 712″x16″ oil paint on gessoboard.
2 sittings

For this layer I added only black and white paint, which I used to lighten the color of the sand and reduce the yellow tint. I also added stronger shading in the sand and the rocks.

Project: Mermaid Drowning


Samhain Candles - WIP 4

Samhain Candles – WIP 411″x14″ oil paint on canvas board
5 Sittings, including the underpainting layer.

My apologies that the photo is a bit too yellow.

On this layer I painted in the subjects. It’s mostly flat black, but I did paint wet-on-wet to add details where a lot of lighting was needed. I am not expecting to do anything else major to the reflection images, but I will be laying down at least one more layer of black paint to the objects, and adding more highlighting details. The white paint I used is very low pigment load, so I also expect the bright white areas to be less brilliant when the paint is dry.

Project: Samhain Candles



Mermaid Drowning Cover Art – Update 10/5/2012

My parents are preparing to publish their very first novel, and I am creating the cover art for them.  The title of the novel is Mermaid Drowning.  The cover art depicts the main character, Evelyn, watching the sunset at the beach with a storm looming on the horizon.

Mermaid Drowning - WIP 1

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 1
First sketch concept art for Mermaid Drowning book cover.

Mermaid Drowning - WIP 3

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 3Sketch 2 for the book cover of Mermaid Drowning. They decided they wanted her to be wearing completely different clothing. Aside from the horizon line, the straight lines are all there to help me lay out the composition appropriately for a book cover.

Mermaid Drowning - WIP 4

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 412″x16″ gessoboard

To transfer the details of the concept sketch I used carbon paper and traced the sketch using a the tip of a paintbrush.

Mermaid Drowning - WIP 5

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 512″x16″ gessoboard

I masked out the central figure so I can seamlessly paint in the background around her. I also masked off the horizon line so I can underpaint a clean and straight horizon. I used ordinary painter’s masking tape of the kind you find at any hardware store.

Mermaid Drowning - WIP 6

Mermaid Drowning – WIP 6Oil paint on 12″x16″ gessoboard

The central figure is currently masked out with normal blue masking tape so I can seamlessly paint in the background around her. I also masked out the horizon line before laying down the underpainting for the ocean, but I had removed the tape while painting so I could paint the rock on the right. I’ll be painting the ocean, waves, and sky all in the same sitting so they will accurately show the same colors. The underpainting will help to give the ocean depth beyond the sky colors it reflects.


Project: Mermaid Drowning