Fabric-Based Ribbon Corset – Part 3

I stole some time to upload these photos and update my blog.  The ribbon corset is finished now.  I won’t be taking nice photos of it laced onto something until after the move is finished.

Continuing from the previous post, I inserted and stitched the boning in place.  I also grommetted the back.  Normally I wait to grommet until after edging, but it worked out to be more convenient to grommet this one when I was grommeting the tea stained corsets I finished last week.

Then I trimmed the edges of the pink panels, taking care not to trim the ribbons.

Then I added edging, as with any other corset.  In this case the edging material is bias-cut pink silk, same as the cover material.

After the edging was added, I attached the backing bone for the double-busk and added more quilting stitches to the busk panels on both sides.

Photos of the finished corset before adding the bow.

Final photos after adding the bow.  I am a little concerned that it might be too bulky, but we’ll find out when the customer has a chance to examine it in person.  Each of the loops is a separate piece, so I can easily pull the bow apart and re-make it with fewer loops.

That’s all for now.  After I have some good photos with the corset on something, and a little spare time, I’ll write up the tutorial version of this blog.

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