Peacock Silk Conical Finished

Blue Taffeta Silk Stays with Busk Pocket - Front View, by Sidney Eileen

Blue Taffeta Silk Stays with Busk Pocket – Front View

For those who followed the WIP posts, the bottom edging did not behave at all when I attempted to secure it with the sewing machine, so I ended up hand-stitching it on the inside.  After finishing the bottom edge, I inserted and secured the remaining boning, edge stitched the lining to the top, and hand-stitched the left and right edges of the lining.  Final details were edging the top and grommeting.  The customer who commissioned these stays requested instructions on how to hand-stitch the eyelets, a detail which can be done instead of grommets, or over grommets to provide a more period look.  Plus, it’s just darned pretty.  So, there will be a tutorial regarding hand-stitched eyelets in a couple months.  I wish it could be sooner, but that’s not possible due to other concerns which I am not yet free to discuss in an open forum.

These stays are constructed using modern materials and techniques to provide a beautiful foundation garment for modern reenactment.

Blue Taffeta Silk Stays with Busk Pocket

Fabric: Two core layers of corset coutil, silk taffeta cover, and cotton muslin lining
Boning: 1/2″ flat spring steel bones fanned for the front panel and 2 1/4″ flat spring steel bones per tab
Piecing: Three panels total – one front panel and two back panels
Edging: Bias-cut cover fabric
Busk Pocket: Cover material lined with muslin
Lacing Style: Offset lacing


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