Pink Eyelet Kimono

Pink Eyelet Kimono and Velvet Corselet, by Sidney Eileen

Pink Eyelet Kimono and Velvet Corselet

Back in 2011 when I made the Silver Steampunk Kimono, I also made two other kimonos.  One is just plain cranberry red, and it has solely been used as an underlayer to the other two fancy kimono.  The second was made from pink cotton eyelet fabric.  It is that eyelet fabric kimono that I wish to share with you now.  Diana wore it recently at the Clockwork Alchemy convention, and I was able to get one good photo of it.  The fabric had a scalloped edge to it, so I used that as much as possible in the kimono.  Other than that, it uses traditional piecing.  The one detail that cannot be seen in the photo is a gathered ruffle along the bottom edge, inspired by Victorian petticoats.

The corselet she is wearing in the photo is also something I made back in 2011, but did not get any photos of at the time.  It is made with cotton velvet, boned with steel flats, and each panel is independently sewn and laced together.  It was an experiment to try and make a corset that would be able to adjust as the owner lost weight.  It ended up being too unstable to be worn comfortably as a corset, but it works fantastic as a corselet over the top of another corset.  In this photo she is wearing her drab green silk overbust under the eyelet kimono and over the cranberry one.

I do have hopes of getting more photos of both items at a future date.

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