Minimalist and Abstract Art Portfolio

I specialize in realistic, fine art treasures, portraits, wildlife art, and fantasy art, Celtic knotwork, and abstract minimalist art.  My primary mediums include colored pencil, ink, and oil paint.  Examples of my past work are displayed in these galleries.  I am no longer selling art or taking commissions due to health problems.

My goal in creating minimalist art is to convey a complete image, with movement and life, in the fewest strokes possible.  Line width variation, sweeping strokes, and half-described figures combine in the mind to show the viewer something more than what is actually placed on paper or canvas.  Mediums include brush marker, watercolor, and acrylic paint.



3 thoughts on “Minimalist and Abstract Art Portfolio

  1. Oh my gosh, Sidney, these pieces of work are absolutely stunning! My first reaction when I saw them was “oh… WOW!” They are truly inspiring, and the paintings on canvas with the layered effect are stunning.

    Thank you for sharing your artwork with the world.

  2. Love the minimalist simplicity. It’s like magic making something recognizable from so very little. I would love to see how you might interpret something like a fish that is already very simple. More specifically, look at a bass which has more recognizable features that you could portray in your own style. I’d like to get a tattoo of something like that. Feel free to email to let me know if you can do it for me.

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