Quilted and Flossed Silk Overbust v.2

This is a quilted gore Victorian overbust corset I made for a friend.  It has peacock dupioni silk cover material, contrast quilting on the gores, flossing, lacing panel, and split metal busk.

Core: Two layers of corset coutil
Cover: Peacock dupioni silk
Flossing: Beige upholstery thread
Edging: Beige dupioni silk bias tape
Bust: Padded inside the bust area to enhance the apparent size
Boning: 1/4″ and 1/2″ flat spring steel bones
Piecing: 6 panels and four gores per side
Busk: 12″ metal straight double busk

Quilted and Flossed Silk Overbust v.2 - Quarter Front View, by Sidney Eileen

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