Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust

This corset is a light lacing underbust I made for myself.  It uses two layers of unbleached corset coutil, covered along the waist and at the front and back with leather, grommeted in place.  It is also edged with leather, is flossed, has a lacing panel, and is front lacing.

Fabric: Natural color, unbleached coutil
Flossing: Buttonhole thread
Edging/Belt Overlay: Lightweight leather
Grommets: 108 total brass #00 grommets
Boning: 1/4″ wide flat spring steel bones
Piecing: Six panels per side

This corset is inspired by some of the “health” corsets of the late Victorian, where mesh, grommets, and other open designs were used to make corsets lighter weight and decrease heat retention.

I made this corset for myself without a mock-up. It has a 3″ gap in the back and a suspended lacing panel.

Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust, by Sidney EileenLeather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust - Villains Meeting, by Sidney Eileen

2 thoughts on “Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust

  1. Did you add the studs to the top layer before finishing sewing (and adding boning?), or did you manage to get those little prongs through all layers??

    • I put the grommets in after the corset was assembled, and before inserting the boning. I don’t use the pronged grommets, and I recommend against using that kind for any corset, because those prongs create a rough interior and might dig a hole in you while wearing the garment. I use rolled grommets, which can be set by hand. I wrote a tutorial about how to do this, which may be found here: http://sidneyeileen.com/tutorials/sewing/corset-making/grommet/.

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