Corset Detailing Tutorials

How to Add a Bust Ribbon to a Corset

The bust ribbon is a small ribbon along the top of the bust which can be tightened to cinch in the top of the bust slightly, or just tied into a nice little bow for decoration. This tutorial shows the bust ribbon added to a corded Regency style corset, and I used narrow silk taffeta.

How to Make Regency Period Fan Lacing

This fan lacing tutorial is based on two reference photos showing a Regency period example of fan lacing.

How to Floss a Corset

This tutorial illustrates some of the basic embroidery patterns I have used for flossing, gives tips relating specifically to corset flossing, and assumes you have a basic working knowledge of embroidery.

How to Add Lace Edging to a Corset

Lace edging can usually be added to a corset at any time, simply applied over the existing edge binding.


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