Informative Corsetry Articles

Corset Care and Cleaning

With proper care, any well-made corset should last for years of regular wearing. This article describes how to store, deodorize, clean, and care for your corset so it lasts as long as possible.

How to Lace a Corset

This page shows you in detail how to lace a typical modern corset (standard crossed lacing pulling from the waist), and how to spiral or offset lace (lacing stays with offset grommet configuration).

How to Measure for a Corset

This article describes how to measure yourself for a corset. I am providing these instructions to show which measurements I use for my own sewing and why, in case they will be helpful to others, and as a reference for anyone drafting or modifying patterns based upon my tutorials.

Corsets - A Buyer's Guide

With the variety of corsets available, sorting out what to buy can be quite baffling. This article provides a basic overview of corset purchasing, including the pros and cons of different price points and features, ready-to-wear vs. custom, why steel boning is good, tips for finding the best possible fit, budget, and more.

Corsets - Maker Resources

This article is all about corset making resources. It doesn't discuss the details of how to do it. Instead it focuses on where to find information and supplies, including online tutorials, books, commercial corset patterns, corset kits, sources of corset making supplies, workshops, and lots more.

General Corseting FAQ

This FAQ is intended to give a broad overview of answers to common questions about corsets and corseting, particularly questions asked by newcomers to corseting.


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