Current Projects

As far as sewing projects, I have been working on two main projects in the last couple weeks.  First is a Victorian overbust corset which will have a dual-cover, satin and lace.  The customer has tried on the mock-up and I plan to begin work on the final corset next week.

The other main project is a punk rock wedding dress.  It’s about half finished.  I still need to make the shoulder straps, gather the skirt, make the tulle underskirt, and hem the skirt.  What looks like shoulder straps for the dress in the photo below are actually the shoulder straps of the bra I’m using to flesh out the mannequine.

I’m planning to dedicate next weekend to finishing the dress, and should post final photos next week.  The construction is princess-seamed, with a core layer that will support the drapes of the skirt.  It does not have a built in corset.

Following the completion of the wedding dress and lace overbust, I will be making a plain black overbust and a silk underbust with lace edging.

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