How to Draft and Make Fitted Gaiters

Fitted Brown Canvas Gaiters, by Sidney Eileen

I have spent most of the past week working on making additions to this web site, changes which are not quite ready to roll out yet.  What I do have ready for your perusal is a pair of new tutorials, specially for the steampunk seamstress or tailor.


How to Draft a Pattern for Fitted Gaiters
This tutorial describes how to use measurements to create a pattern for a fitted pair of gaiters.  This particular pattern is for two-layer gaiters with a one-inch overlap on the closure, top and bottom edges that are turned inside, and designed to be worn with flat shoes.  Easy variations will be mentioned when appropriate.


Making Two-Layer Spats or Gaiters
This tutorial shows how to make spats or gaiters from two layers of material, self lined, with the top and bottom edges rolled inside.  The pattern shown is the one described in my tutorial, How to Draft a Pattern For Fitted Gaiters, but this method can be used for any spats or gaiters.


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