Blackwork Forehead Cloth – WIP3

Further progress on the blackwork embroidered forehead cloth.  I have now done approximately one-and-one-half repetitions of the pattern, out of roughly eight total.  I started the embroidery using Soie Ovale, which I had on hand, but knew I had nowhere near enough to finish the piece.  Instead of ordering more of the same, I decided to order the flat silk from the Japanese Embroidery Center.  The first difference I noticed is that the Japanese silk does not retain a curled shape when unwound from the spool.  It is a much finer quality, with fewer, or possibly just much thinner and more delicate strands.  The total thickness is about 2/3 that of the Soie Ovale, which I actually like better on this design because it means the stitches do not become overcrowded from plumpness when shading the strawberries.  From a distance the difference in the two it is not immediately noticeable, but I do regret that the transition happened at the center front of the forehead cloth, which is the most visible portion when worn.

Blackwork Forehead Cloth - WIP4 - Flat silk embroidery on linen fabric, 16.5"x8.25" - by Sidney Eileen

Flat silk on linen, 16.5″x8.25″. The forehead cloth is outlined with a running stitch in all-purpose black thread, is stretched onto an embroidery frame, the pattern has been drawn in pencil, and I am stitching it with flat silk embroidery floss. The design is created mostly using stem stitch and running stitch.

Blackwork Forehead Cloth - WIP4 - detail1 - Close up to show the detail of the difference between the two flat silks I used - by Sidney Eileen

Flat silk embroidery on linen fabric, detail area is about 1.25″x.5″. This photo show very close-up detail of the stitching. This detail shot shows the difference between the two flat silk embroidery threads I have used on this piece.


Project: Blackwork Forehead Cloth

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