How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset, by Sidney Eileen

Set Up the Grommet Panel

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 19, by Sidney Eileen

I’m sorry this image is so hard to see.  Between the poor lighting, my dying camera, and the black fabric, it’s almost impossible to see what is going on here.

At this point ironed the seam allowance and the fold-over for the grommet panels, the busk panels, and the second coutil layer for each vertical boning panel.  The vertical coutil panels were each ironed to 7/8″ visible width, enough room for two 1/4″ or one 1/2″ wide bone.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 20

Add twill tape to reinforce the grommet area.

Back at the sewing machine, I secured the re-enforcing twill tape for the grommet area.  It’s tacked in at the top and bottom edges, near the ironed-in fold that will be the edge of the grommet panel.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 21, by Sidney Eileen

Stitch the grommet panel closed.

Then I folded over the grommet panel and stitched down the open edge.


Create the Boning Chanels

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 22, by Sidney Eileen

Sew the boning channels for the grommet panel.

Then I sewed the boning channels that will support the grommets.  In this photo you can also see one vertical panel with its top layer stitched down.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 23, by Sidney Eileen

Stitch down the boning channels.

To attach the top coutil layer (the bone casing), I centered the ironed coutil on the coutil corset foundation and stitched down the center.  I kept it as even as I could, turned the corset around, and lock-stitched down the same seam.  After that, I stitched boning-channel width seams to either side, again lock-stitching.

How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset - 24, by Sidney Eileen

This image shows all the vertical coutil pieces stitched down.

All that’s left is the busk.


4 thoughts on “How to Make a Sport Mesh Corset

  1. Hi Sydney! Love your tutorials. Would you happen to still have the pattern for this? I’m teaching myself to make corsets (almost done with the first!) and would love this for the summer.

  2. Hi Sidney!

    When I work with materials that refuse to hold chalk marks or anything like that, I always have a roll of blank adhesive paper labels. You can put the sticker on the panel, and mark with a pen or pencil over the label (unless the fabric won’t hold the adhesive as well…).

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial. I will be trying to do one of these Mesh Corsets soon!


    • I never thought to use adhesive labels! That’s a wonderful idea, and it would probably work fantastic for this. Thank you very much for sharing the idea, and I hope you’ll share the fruits of your labor when it’s finished. I’d love to see what you make. :)

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