New Basic Renaissance Bodies

Up to now I had been making my plain Renaissance stays with the tabs separate pieces, sewn into the body.  While it worked well, it took a lot of extra time and created sometimes problematic bulk at the waistline.  I have been experimenting with using integral tabs, with the idea of retaining the simple body piecing without creating tabs that were oddly shaped or at an angle to the needed placement of the boning.  For larger corsets and more angled figures (like the fully boned silk Renaissance corset) I think it will work better to use an additional panel on the side, but for most basic Renaissance a two panel design should work well.

I shifted the location of the side seam further back, so it serves as the back edge of the bones that are placed directly up the side of the body.  This put the seam in a very similar location to many garments just following the Renaissance, which worked well.

Basic Renaissance Stays, by Sidney Eileen

Basic Renaissance Stays


Canvas surtout – 100% done (no photos yet)
Adjustable underbust corset – 100% done (no photos yet)
Plain tabbed Elizabethan corset – 100% done (photo above)
Victorian silk overbust corset – 3rd mock-up mailed
Black coutil underbust – Pattern Drafted (waiting on fabric delivery)
Silk underbust with lace edging – Scale Pattern Drafted
Traditional/Punk Rock fusion Wedding Gown – Planning/mock-up stage, 1st mock-up mailed back
Machine washable corset dress – Pattern drafted, postponed

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