Leather and Coutil, Grommeted Corset

Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust - Front View, by Sidney Eileen

This past weekend I was finally able to coordinate time with a friend to take some photos of the grommeted corset.  It is made from two layers of natural colored coutil, with leather edging and a leather “belt”, held in place with brass grommets.  The boning is flossed in place, it is front lacing, and the lacing panel is suspended in the lacing for the back of the corset.  I made this corset for myself without a mock-up.

Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust

Fabric: Natural color, unbleached coutil
Flossing: Buttonhole thread
Edging/Belt Overlay: Lightweight leather
Grommets: 108 total brass #00 grommets
Boning: 1/4″ wide flat spring steel bones
Piecing: Six panels per side

This corset is inspired by some of the “health” corsets of the late Victorian, where mesh, grommets, and other open designs were used to make corsets lighter weight and decrease heat retention.

I made this corset for myself without a mock-up. It has a 3″ gap in the back and a suspended lacing panel.

Leather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust, by Sidney EileenLeather and Coutil Grommeted Underbust - Villains Meeting, by Sidney Eileen


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Adjustable underbust corset – 100% done (no photos yet)
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