Tea-Stained Victorian Overbust – WIP1

The current project is a tea-stained late Victorian overbust corset with a spoon busk.  There are some interesting fit issues that deserve a full explanation once the corset is finished and the photos easy to examine.  For now, let’s suffice to say that the front is full length on her torso, but the hips on the side come to just barely below the top of her pelvic bone, giving a very high arc on the sides.  She also has a small bust, so laid out flat like this take my word for it, it is an overbust.

At this point it is about 25% finished, but I am concerned that I might need to start over again.  After tea staining I threw it in the drier to set the stain.  As you can see on the image, on the left panel the drier scorched the fabric in a long strip.  There are a couple other places that are slightly scorched, but that is the worst spot, and it’s right at the front, on the outside… :(

Add to that the fact that I have come down sick, and it’s been a frustrating day.  Tomorrow I have errands I must run, and hopefully when I get back I’ll have enough energy to try a couple things to remove or lighten the scorch without remaking the corset.  First on the list is scrubbing with detergent (washing), and second is a dye remover (Rit).  If any of you have ideas, I’d love to hear them.  I’m planning to ask in a couple other places as well.

Canvas surtout – 100% done (no photos yet)
Adjustable underbust corset – 100% done (no photos yet)
Tea-stained Victorian overbust with spoon busk – In progress
Victorian silk overbust corset – 0% done
Partially boned silk renaissance corset with wooden busk – not started yet
Traditional/Punk Rock fusion Wedding Gown – 0% done
Machine washable corset dress – Pattern drafted, postponed

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