Red Silk Sweetheart Finished

Tonight I finished the red silk Victorian, many months in the making.

Core: Two layers of corset coutil
Cover: Dark red dupioni silk
Flossing: Black buttonhole thread
Edging: Black dupioni silk bias tape
Lace: Black slightly stretchy lace
Boning: 38 1/4″ flat spring steel bones
Piecing: 8 panels per side
Busk: 16″ metal straight double busk

Red Silk With Black Flossing and Lace

Canvas surtout – 100% done (no photos yet)

Adjustable underbust corset – 100% done (no photos yet)

Victorian silk overbust corset – 100% done (photos above)

Partially boned silk renaissance corset with wooden busk – not started yet

Plain tabbed Renaissance corset – not started yet

Plain tabbed Renaissance corset with shoulder straps – not started yet

Traditional/Punk Rock fusion Wedding Gown – 0% done

Machine washable corset dress – Pattern drafted, postponed

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